Career Quest

At Advantique Business Consulting, our innovative psychometric testing products measures students Interests, Values, and Skills to identify the right course / career path.

What is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individual’s capabilities and behavioural style. Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the personality characteristics and aptitude.

Why Psychometric testing?

Over 60% of students are undecided on what career path they may wish to follow

As a result they often rely on advice from parents who simply may not know what advice to give. Career guidance counsellors, who are an invaluable source of information, can generate discussions about potential career pathways and provide options for the student to consider. A powerful instrument often used to assist in providing career advice is a careers test. It empowers the career advisor by supplying objective and independent information regarding the student, and gives a scientific output on which to base discussions about career pathways.

The idea is that if a certain type of personality enjoys certain types of jobs, we can scientifically predict what types of jobs your child is likely to enjoyand be really successful at. Traditionally, only career interests are measured, ignoring the person’s skills, personality, and work ethics. Even with the advances of technology, there are still tests being administered by pen and paper. There was an obvious need in the market for a competitive, dynamic and customizable careers test.

Each student has got certain unique talents (aptitudes and personalities). However most of us don’t know about these talents or can’t see / identify them in ourselves.

A correct understanding of what is aptitude and what is personality will help one understand why they are so important in making right career decision.

When a person chooses their course and career on the basis of their inherent strengths, or their inherent talent, or their aptitude, personality and interests, it will help the student to naturally be able to enjoy their studies and their work, and ultimately, do well in their course /career, and thereby lead a happy and successful life.

This assessment is for young children below 12 years. Objective of this assessment is to identify the natural talents in young mind.

Career Quest is a psychometrically-developed tool designed to assess key attributes related tojobs and workplace. It provides career advice based on a comparison of the individual’s preferred interests, values and skills bench marked to the general population.

Career interest assessments have historically been an integral part of career guidance and personal development. Career Quest is able to enhance the process by going beyond what is normally assessed

Additional to the Career Quest, participants are evaluated with their Verbal Reasoning, Numerical abilities and abstract reasoning. This will help them have a deep understanding on their abilities along with career guidance.

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