Mediation, Mindfulness and Confidence To Achieve Results in Psychometric Testing

Just the thought of having to undergo a psychometric evaluation is enough to send an adult into the throws of panic, let alone a child. Children often feel anxious and fearful when told that they need to take tests for which they are not really too sure how to prepare for or what questions will be asked. Yes, you can encourage your child to practice online psychometric testing, but chances are that when the day arrives, as prepared as they are, they will still feel that gripping around their heart that will make them afraid, afraid of failing, afraid of disappointing, and afraid that you will lose faith and confidence in them.

Psychometric test

Practice mindfulness and meditation as a family. It is an excellent habit to develop within your home. By doing things as a family, your child won’t feel as if he/she is being singled out or has to be treated a certain way. Feelings where they realize a difference in treatment, are conducive to possibly causing more anxiety and could result in resentment to you, the parent, who seems to be putting too much pressure on them. In fact you are only trying to help your child achieve what you know they are capable of.

Meditation is something that really doesn’t have to have anything to do with religion at all, as many think. It is simply a method of learning to focus your attention on yourself, calming, distressing, and improving yourself from within. Start off when your child is young and include it in your lifestyle, starting only because your child has an imminent psychometric test, simply won’t allow your child to experience the full benefits.

Make meditation and mindfulness part of your child’s bedtime routine. Teach your child to sit upright and still, in a comfortable position. Show your child that they simply need to concentrate on how they breathe and encourage them to focus on themselves and their bodies. Focus on relaxing all their muscles one at a time.

Perhaps you have a child who has aggression issues or periods where they have violent outbursts, teaching your child the valuable lesson of meditation is a life lesson which they can use whenever a situation arises where they feel an outburst is the only way out. Meditation is simply and extension of the “count to 10 and breathe” calming habit. Just those few minutes blocking everything out and really focusing on their “happy place” is a lesson that your child will appreciate. It is something that they can use throughout their lives, something that is of extreme value.

Mindfulness is closely related to meditation and gives your child the ability of finding something good in every situation. Life lessons of this nature will prevent your child from falling into the trap of depression and anxiety at a failure. Teach your child that it is okay to fail sometimes, they must learn a lesson from that so that they don’t make the same mistakes again.

By teaching your child to master their own ability to relax themselves or calm themselves when things are becoming just a little bit too much for them, you are teaching them something of value, something that will allow them to move forward in life and strive for success. By being able to bring the mind back to a relaxed and clear state, your child will be able to focus more clearly and concentrate on the task at hand. The results will be greatly improved and this improvement will boost the confidence of your child. The more confident they are, the harder they will try and the better the results will be. It is a circle that must be started as early in your child’s life as possible to afford them the best opportunity to progress and grow.

Psychometric test will no longer be this huge thing hanging over your child’s head, they will have the tools to combat anxiety and panic and to clear their minds. A clear mind will allow them to complete the test, make decisions on answers, and to do it all with confidence.

Always remember how important it is to praise your child. As your child progresses to longer lengths of meditation or really begins to take part in the mindfulness activities, let your child know how proud you are of them. Any unpleasant situation evaded through the use of control and meditation must always be verbally acknowledged. Children need constant reassurance and you, as the parent, are the ones they crave this from the most.

Your child wants nothing more in the world than you please you and make you proud.

The morning of the psychometric testing should be started off with a nice, peaceful meditation, a dose of mindfulness where you and your child verbally declare what you are thankful for, a hearty breakfast and a large glass of water., Don’t allow your child to become stressed and you keep yourself cool and calm as well. Remind your child that there are no right or wrong answers and that only need to be honest with themselves in answering the questions. Assure your child that whatever the results, you will never love them any less. Allow your child some space to clear their mind and gather their thoughts and mentally prepare for what is to come.

Your child has dreams, ambitions, passions, and desires and you need to provide them with every tool you can in order to ensure that your child is guided in the right direction. The career psychologist will notice your childs demeanor and will follow their lead. You have a responsibility to prepare your child for life and these lessons in meditation and mindfulness are definitely life lessons that your child deserves to know.

Love your child and teach them to love themselves, this is the most wonderful way to boost their confidence.