Psychometric Testing and Career Choice

As parents we often worry whether we have guided our children on the correct path, whether we have encouraged them to follow the right subjects, whether we have maybe, just maybe pushed them in a direction which we want, rather than what they want. Your child will soon be leaving school and moving on to further studies. What they choose to study is going to affect them for the rest of their lives, and it needs to be taken with seriousness and yes, they may need some help to guide them to where they really should be.

Psychometric testing,

Your child will have dreams and aspirations of their own and yes, they should be allowed to follow what they are truly passionate about but it really doesn’t hurt to get them a little help and broaden their perspective on what is on offer and what they are scientifically equipped to succeed at.

Psychometric testing is carried out by most trained career psychologists. This isn’t someone who is going to order or instruct your child on what they must do, they will simply allow them to see themselves in a different light and perhaps consider things that they had never thought of before.

Psychometric testing will measure each and every ability that is meaningful in life and in the working world, numerical, verbal, literal, and logic. These tests are carried out under strict time constraints. The results are calculated based on the answers provided by your child. Most of these tests are multipe choice in nature which may sound cut and dried but they are in fact sometimes more difficult to answer than questions where you provide your own answers. There are no right or wrong answers in these tests, there is no passing of failing, the tests are there to help the psychologist to gauge where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

The reason for needing to know where your weaknesses or strengths lie is to help the psychologist to measure which job or career type would be best suited to your child’s abilities. If for instance your child want to go into accounting but has no idea when it comes to working with numbers, then that may be a bad idea.

The psychologist will discuss the results with your child and show them the scientific, objective test results to back up their claims. She/he will put together valid feedback and explain to your child what his/her strengths are suited to. Perhaps your child has a strength which they have buried deep within for whatever particular reason, and all they needed was someone else to draw attention to it. If it wasn’t for these tests, your child may have missed the opportunity that could set them on a path to brilliance.

Personality tests will also be carried out. These often don’t have time constraints but you really do have to answer with honesty, for your own benefit. There are certain questions designed to reveal whether you are in fact being honest but you wouldn’t recognize them as such. Each child has their own personality traits and behavior traits, that is what makes each person so unique. Certain personality types and certain acts of behavior are suited to certain job types and this will be revealed to your child in depth. These tests will easily reveal how your child is able to cope in pressure situations and cope with stress. Your child will reveal whether they are born to lead or to follow. All these factors play a huge part in the career type that is perfect for your child.

Often our children have their minds set on something that they love and during the interview and discussion phase, the psychiatrist will delve into the dreams and passions your child holds within. Your child may be adamant to follow their chosen career path, even if the psychologist reveals their strengths are not suited for that career. The psychologist will guide your child and explain which of their weaker areas has to improve in order to be able to competently function in the career they have chosen. The psychologist will never tell your child they can’t do something or follow a certain career path. They are not there to judge but they are there to offer whatever advice and direction they possibly can.

It is not an easy choice to make, deciding your future and every child needs just a gently helping hand to help them realize that they are following the right path, or whether they would be more prone to success on another path.

Psychometric test often prevents children from making mistakes that cost them time which is wasted on a career path that they never finish, and money which is wasted paying for years of studying in a field your child cuts short or figures out is not right for them.

As parents it is our duty to help our children where we can. No, we can’t dictate their lives or their futures, but we can provide them all the tools necessary in order to make their own, informed decisions. This is after all their life and their future and they control the key to that

Never allow your child to feel like you are trying to control them or their future. We often project out own failed hopes and aspirations onto our children without even thinking about it and although we mean no harm, we may be a little to forceful in how we approach the subject. Be mindful of this and try to stay on the side of caution here, guide and offer advice but certainly don’t dictate. You and your child may have completely different natures and what you have a passion for, they may not.

Your child is the master of his/her own destiny, don’t take that right away from them, rather offer support and assistance and be someone they feel comfortable sharing their aspirations with.