The Truth About Psychometric Testing Revealed

Pyschometric testing has risen in popularity in recent years and has crept it’s way into different field where it is used as an evaluation tool. There are those who see the tests as just another bit of psycho babble aimed at relieving gullible businesses and private people of their hard earned money. That couln’t be further from the truth at all. The value of psychometric testing should never be underestimated and full advantage of the benefits should be reaped.

Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing is widely used by large corporations to streamline the employment process. It has proved to be a reliable method of weeding our applicants who are just not suitable for an available position before time is wasted on personal interviews.The same rings true to students who are applying for certain fields of further study, the tests reveal whether their efforts and money would be better spent following another path.

Psychometric testing delves into a wide variety of aspects within the human character. They consist of ability tests, personality and behaviour tests, and recently integrity tests have been brought to the fore.

Ability tests do just that, test an individual’s abilities on an intellectual level. Numeracy, literacy, logical thinking, and basic cognitive functioning. This allows the evaluator to identify where an individual is strongest and whether these factors are integral for performance in a certain job position or on a certain career path. These tests are undertaken within time constraints that are strictly adhered to. On completion the career psychologies or evaluator, who is a trained professional, will review the results and formulate feedback to you. Results are objective and scientific and based solely on the answers which were provided by the individual. There is no room for manipulation of the results or bias. The psychologist will offer you information on where your weaknesses lie and where your show strength. They will explain to you what your particular skillset is appropriate for. Obviously a weakness in literacy and all areas relating to English will not hold you in good stead for a position as a journalist or for a career path in anything relating to the journalistic field for instance.

Personality and behaviour tests are a tool used to identify character traits of an individual. No two people are built the same and it is this diversity and variety that makes the human race so interesting. How you act or react to a situation may be completely different to the actions of your neighbor. Some people perform at their best when placed under pressure, while others crack like a boiled egg in a pressure pot. Neither personality type is wrong or right, they are just wrong or right for a particular job or career.

The results of any kind of psychometric testing are not the final decider on which you will be judged for the rest of eternity so don’t worry too much if your first attempt has failed according to your standards. You can improve your own results and master areas where your results have been low. Practise and repetition of tests will show marked results. If you do the same kinds of things over and over your are more likely to get used to them, identify them when they pop up, and handle them with greater ease as time goes by. If you have initially showed a weakness within the areas of Numeracy for instance, repeatedly taking a variety of online tests, will improve your results. The more you do them, the better your results will be. You are not cheating the system in any way, you are improving yourself and your chances of getting the job you really want or being accepted into a field of study that is your dream.

Psychometric testing is never undertaken on it’s own. It is not meant to replace personal interviews in any way. It simply streamlines the process so that who are fit for a position are the ones that the time is taken on. If the testing is for career choice purposes, the tests are always followed by a personal evaluation. They pschologist needs to know more about you than what the objective results reveal. Your dreams, passions, situation, ethics and values all play a part in who you really are.

The career psychologist has the job of explaining to you where you are strong or show a shortcoming and helping you to understand what your particular skillset and personality type are best suited to. Yes, you may not agree with the psychologist and you may have your heart set on a path that you are going to follow no matter what. In this instance, the psychologist can help you to understand in which areas you need to improve in order to have a chance for success on that path. Passion is simply not enough most of the time, it is an integral part of success but without the skills and mindset, it can be wasted.

Don’t panic on test day. Remember there are no right or wrong answers to the questions. Answer with honesty and really listen to the feedback and take valuable lessons from what your psychologist has to say. They are after all, there to help you on a path that you have the most chance of success at. Remember that failure is never a bad thing, although it may feel devastating at the time. There are always lessons you can take from any situation, good or bad, and these lessons shape and mold you for your next great encounter. Yes, you may be deemed unsuitable to follow a path that you think is perfect for you but think of it this way, you may discover something about yourself that you were oblivious to and end up on a path that is far more amazing than even your wildest dreams could have predicted. Embrace who you are and be happy.