What Is Most Important

It is very apparent and obvious that your abilities and intellect are extremely important is ascertaining the degree of success you will achieve following a certain career path or taking up employment within a certain position. Personality and behavioral traits are what identify whether we are capable of working with the various personality types within the field, and how well we are able to work in various conditions and environments. Your abilities and personality will be the best markers of judging how well you are suited to a career or job.

There are other factors which are imperative to success such as integrity and honesty. There is however, debate over the validity of testing these traits using psychometric test. Many have spoken out against the use of integrity test as they find that they have no real or valid bearing on how you function in a working environment of following a certain career path. These tests can often overstep the mark and invade the personal space of the individual. You are often asked to reveal facts about your private life, personal habits, political views, and your ethics and values on a personal level.

psychometric testing,

If these kinds of psychometric testing are to be pursued there is an urgency that they be carried out only by trained professionals otherwise the validity of the results is severely compromised. You are also assured that the tests have some bearing on the task at hand in this way. A professional who is trained and certified will not carry out tests that they themselves deem worthless.

The problem with these newer areas of psychometric testing is that the companies who produce them, often produce them out of greed. No valid research is carried out during the development phase. They have discovered an ever increasing market and are simply taking what they can from it while it lasts. As a company of a professional, these kinds of tests should only be purchased from reputable manufacturers who have a proven name that is synonymous with quality products. Using tests from any new and unknown distributor is asking for trouble. Your new employee may begin working with you but already feel abused through the way their privacy was invaded and this resentment is not good for a working relationship. On the other hand the employer may have trust issues regarding the employee, issues which are unwarranted but planted by a test that is neath valid, reliable or professional.

Employers do need to safeguard themselves against any losses, this goes without saying, but they also need to stay within the boundaries. Yes, the economy is in an horrific state at present and people are being laid off left, right and center, which is a cause for concern. Employees who are desperate for a few extra dollars may easily sneak a product or two home or book an hour or two extra each day in order to make ends meet. Of course, any good businessman would be wary, especially if they have experienced incidents of this nature in the past. The incidents may seem small and insignificant on their own but they can end up costing the company a lot of money. Employees need to think ahead, if the company makes losses, it only means more jobs will fall.This very fact is why more companies are instilling the use of integrity testing. Even the smallest doubt cast in the mind of the employer, may cause them to turn away an employee who could potentially be great for the company and the doubt the employer feels is totally unwarranted., Because of this an employer may send away a potentially dynamite individual simply because may have a slight doubt that you may not have the integrity they are looking for and these doubts may be totally unfounded.

There is no confirmation as yet on whether these integrity tests are reliable or valid in any way but that is stopping employers from following that route. If you are currently joining the queues searching for employment or someone looking to pursue a career, be prepared to have your personal life delved into in a way you have never experienced.

Stress has become something that we all have to endure on a daily basis. Life is fast paced and it is struggle just to keep up and get everything done. The hours seem to be shrinking and the task growing. Stress related illnesses are becoming more prevalent and this is not good news for companies. Lost time through employees that are not at work is something no business can afford.An employee who is working under severe stress, is unable to perform task to satisfaction and that is the ugly truth.

Stress can take the form of many disorders and ailments. These conditions can be a huge obstacle for employees and students to overcome in order to produce work that is of good quality. Anxiety is the number one cause of heart disease but it is something nobody on Earth can avoid these days. Depression, fatigue, aggression and concentration are all affected by the existence of stress levels that are extremely high.

Stress is never a good thing in a work environment and can lead to violent outbursts.People who are under tremendous stress are like a kettle simmering on the stove, when they reach the point of no return, there is no telling what they will do. Workplace rage is not something that anybody wants to experience. Potential employees who are shown through psychometric testing, to be unable to cope with pressure, are a liability to a company where stress is a daily feature. People who can’t handle stress will constantly be ill and their attitude in general will not be one that is conducive to productivity in any way. They will however, end up costing the company a fortune in lost time and productivity as well as sick days.

As with any psychometric testing, you are able to improve your results in integrity and stress management tests through practice and repetition. Do online tests, learn to understand the questions and become more aware of what you are likely to be asked. This will prepare you to answer the questions in an appropriate manner. The most important thing with any psychometric testing, including integrity and stress, is to answer honestly and cautiously when it is needed. Being completely dishonest is only setting yourself up for a work environment where you will soon be found out.